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Adjudicators' Code of Conduct


  • Adjudicators must enforce the EPSCA rules at all times

  • Adjudicators must wear Arcus Global CCC T-shirts at every event so that they are immediately recognisable

  • Adjudicators should talk no louder than a whisper while matches are being played, except when making announcements to the children

  • No more than two Adjudicators should be standing next to a board whilst watching a game; any additional Adjudicators should watch from the central aisle

  • If an unusual situation arises, the Adjudicator should stop the clock and seek advice from other Adjudicators, who will collectively make a common sense judgement

  • Decisions cannot be made solely by an Adjudicator who represents either of the schools of the two children involved in a dispute, with the exception of the most straightforward decisions










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