About the League


Each team fields six players ranked from board 1 (the strongest player) to board 6. A match between two teams involves each child paired up in a game of chess against their counterpart (i.e. board 1 from one school plays board 1 from another etc.) From their second season onwards, schools have the option of fielding a B team in the league, in which case their six strongest players must comprise the A team with the 7th to 12th ranked players making up the B team. Each child scores one point for their team by winning their game and half a point for drawing. This gives the following seven possible match results: 6-0, 5.5-0.5, 5-1, 4.5-1.5, 4-2, 3.5-2.5, 3-3.

Matches are played using chess clocks with both players having 25 minutes to make all of their moves. As the league has a mix of primary and preparatory schools, in the event of an under-13 player playing a game against an under-11, a time handicap is used with the older player having 20 minutes on their clock compared to their opponent's 25.

Alumni are allowed to continue representing their school in Years 7&8 to balance the mix of primary and preparatory schools, provided they have not moved to another school in the league.


The league is played using a round robin format and two divisions. Each team will play the other 15 teams in its division over five events (see the Dates page for details).