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FAQs for Children


Q. What if my opponent breaks one of the rules?

A. Put your hand up and an adjudicator will come over and help.

Q. Some schools go up to Year 11 whilst other stop at Year 6 – isn’t this unfair?
A. Children can keep playing for their school after they leave until they finish Year 11, as long as they haven't joined one of the other schools in the league.

Q. I’m not used to playing with a clock - do I have to use one?
A. Yes - they stop games going on forever and are used as standard in competitive matches. Make sure you get some practice playing with a clock before you play your first match in the league.

Q. What should I do when my game is finished?

A. Put your hand up and an Adjudicator will come over and record the result. You should then set the pieces back to their starting position. If the announcement has been made that children can leave, please exit the hall in silence.

Q. Can I stay and watch my friends play when I have finished?

A. Sorry, no. It becomes too noisy if children are allowed to stay and watch other games. You must leave the hall as soon as you have finished your game and reported your result.

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