FAQs for Parents

Q. Is it free for my child to play?

A. Yes, although we kindly ask you to send your child to each event with a voluntary £1 contribution to help with CCC running costs.

Q. How do children travel to and from the events?

A. It is your responsibility to get children to and from the events.

Q. Can I drop my child off at an event, leave the premises, and return to collect him/her at 12:00 when the matches are over?

A. Certainly - few parents choose to stay as they are not allowed in the hall when matches are being played.

Q. Can I watch my child playing?

A. Only Adjudicators are allowed in the hall during play. If you choose to stay you will be housed in a nearby area. When children have finished their games and reported their results, they can leave the playing hall and find you.

Q. What if I drop my child off late?

A. If you arrive after the games have started, your child's game will have been forfeited. However, (s)he will be able to play in the second and third matches as each child plays three games per event.

Q. What if my child is a beginner?

A. The Swiss format that we use to pair teams ensures that children are playing other children of a similar ability.

Q. Can I be horribly rude to the Adjudicators?

A. No! They are volunteers giving up their spare time so that your child can play in a chess league for free. Please be polite and courteous and please comply with their requests. Remember that they are people with feelings, just like you.