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FAQs for Schools


Q. Is it free to join the CCC?

A. It's 100% free.

Q. How do children travel to and from the events?
A. Parents are responsible for dropping off and collecting their children.

Q. How many kids do I need to make a team?
A. It is recommended that you invite eight children to each event and rotate who plays each match. Extra kids will be paired to play friendly games against each other.

Q. What if a child turns up late?
A. They will forfeit their first game but will be able to play in the remaining matches. Bringing reserves reduces this risk.

Q. What age groups are allowed to compete?

A. At present, Year 11 is the maximum allowed. Primary or preparatory schools can still be represented by their alumni players until the end of Year 11, provided they haven't joined another school in the league.

Q. What if all of my players are beginners?
A. The Swiss system that we use to pair teams ensures that players are matched with others of a similar ability.

Q. What happens if I don't have enough kids to make a team?

A. Let us know as we often merge two or more schools into one team to ensure all keen chess-playing kids get to play.

Q. How can I get professional coaching for the children at my school?
A. There is a Cambridgeshire-based company called Chess For Kids who will travel to your school to coach at reasonable rates.

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