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Parents' Code of Conduct


The CCC is a charitable organisation run by volunteers in their spare time for the children’s benefit, to nurture their passion and enjoyment of competitive chess. In the interest of all participants, the following guidelines have been established.

  • Parents are responsible for their children outside the playing hall; CCC staff take responsibility for the children while they are still in the hall

  • Parents should aim to drop their children off at least 15 minutes before the published start time of matches as children will forfeit their games if they arrive after the clock has been started

  • Parents should collect their children promptly at the published finish time

  • Parents who wish to stay for an event must remain in their designated area and not wander around the premises

  • Parents may not enter the playing hall at any time while chess is being played

  • We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism in our aim to continually improve the service we provide for the children; this communication must be made in a calm and friendly manner

  • Any parent who breaks the rules, or is rude to a member of staff, may be given a warning at the discretion of the Adjudicators

  • Any parent who offends at another event after being issued with a warning may be banned from attending future events at the discretion of the Adjudicators

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